Otiz Cannelloni's 'History Of Magic (Abridged)' Family Show

“I’m not sure who laughed more – me or my son.” A Dad.


“More laughs per minute than any Edinburgh show I’ve seen” A Mum.


"Otiz was a great hit with children and families at Norden Farm! A very professional artist who understood his audience very well and had them laughing their socks off."




Edinburgh Fringe Review Written by: Kelly Apter


"Attending Otiz Cannelloni’s Fringe show, is like sitting in the garden/living room/church hall of a children’s birthday party. While this may sound more like a complaint than a compliment, it’s meant in the nicest possible way. Cannelloni’s laid back yet assured manner, witty banter and way of gently encouraging children on stage would prove the highlight of any birthday bash.


Magic aficionados may already be familiar with the anecdotes and informative stories of how magic started, who did it, and how it progressed. But I certainly learned a thing or two. Cannelloni also knows how to entertain the kids, while giving the adults a good laugh, too.


The tricks are fairly standard fare, with some more impressive than others (although I’m still baffled by his ability to throw a mobile phone inside an empty bottle of mineral water). But this show isn’t about trying to bamboozle you with sleight-of-hand trickery or hi-tech illusions – it’s about making you laugh, enjoying the shared experience and starting the day with a healthy dollop of fun."



It’s not a kids' show – it’s a family show. We’re not looking for an audience of 30 six year olds, but rather a mix of ages - children from 5 to teenage will find the show fun and informative and if they are keen to join in they can. Adults of any age will have plenty to laugh at, with some humour solely for them!

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